Mackenzie Beach Resort Spartan Airstream Review – Tofino, British Columbia

At the end of February, I went on a weekend trip with my boyfriend to Tofino, BC and we stayed in the luxurious Spartan Airstream at the Mackenzie Beach Resort.

Mackenzie Beach Resort is a 2-star hotel comprised of unique accommodations like cabins, trailers, airstreams, and camping spots.

It’s a 10-minute walk from the beautiful Mackenzie Beach and is within a 15-minute drive to Tofino hotspots like the town centre, Chesterman Beach, Cox Bay, and Tofino Botanical Gardens.

Here are the features of Mackenzie Beach Resort that I will be rating in this blog post:

  • Location
  • Accomodation
  • Customer Service

Let’s dive into this accommodation review for Mackenzie Beach Resort!

Location – 10/10

Hands down, the location of this place is amazing. It’s perfect for people going to Tofino for the beach or to see the beautiful cultural-infused community.

I love that it’s within walking distance to a beach because that’s one reason I wanted to go to Tofino: the beaches! It gives you the opportunity to walk down to the beach in your pyjamas or comfy clothes and watch the sunrise or sunset.

Also, it has easy access to the bike path that leads you all the way to town or down to other beaches. Since it was still winter and cold when I went, I didn’t utilize this, but when I come back in the summer I plan to bike almost everywhere. It’s much more convenient than driving in some situations.

So, if the location is important to you, Mackenzie Beach Resort is perfect for that.

Accommodation – 9/10

I have always wanted to stay in an airstream, and without realizing it, I had booked their biggest most luxurious airstream (it’s only $20 more a night than the others, so nothing crazy!). It was beautiful and is pictured in magazines across Canada for a reason.

There was so much space for the two of us from a queen-sized bed to a full-on dining area next to the mini kitchen. Even the bathroom impressed me. Everything was recently updated, clean, and modern.

There was also a fire pit and private patio to sit down and enjoy with complimentary firewood.

In the morning, I would wake up in the bright airstream and make a fresh cup of coffee using the complimentary french press and local Tofino ground coffee. Then, I would take it to the dining area, open the window, and bask in the sun.

Mornings in this airstream were fantastic, and I still think about them!

The airstream was also equipped with a two-burner stove, kettle, pots, pans, and everything else you’d need to cook your meals in there. There’s no microwave, however, but since there’s a stove, this wasn’t an issue at all.

They don’t have a restaurant open during the wintertime, but in the summer, Lil’ Ronnie’s Beachside BBQ is on the hotel’s premises and I’ve heard amazing things. During the wintertime, they do have a coffee shop available at least! It’s inside the general store and check-in building.

The only reason I didn’t give the accommodation 10/10 is that there is a lot of construction remnants right outside the airstream like dirt piles, piles of broken old picnic tables, etc. It wasn’t a big deal at all or anything, but while the patio was so cute and aesthetic during the day or night, you would take a few steps forward only to see all this random waste.

But again, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the place at all.

Customer Service – 10/10

The staff at Mackenzie Beach Resort were so helpful and nice. We were able to check-in 2 or 3 hours early since the airstream was ready, and they let us do a later check-out with only like 12 hours notice.

No complaints at all!

Overall, I highly recommend staying at Mackenzie Beach Resort if you want a casual and private stay in Tofino. The location is prime, the accommodation is clean and updated, and the staff are super kind.

I loved staying here and plan to stay here again!

Check out more photos from my trip on my Instagram ➡️ @zoeistravelling

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